Have some place you'd like us to check out ? Please contact Dave at the email address on the "Contact" page, and thanks.
PROM was formed in 2011 by two guys who were interested in the paranormal. The group was like a family, until one strayed from the fold...but no one cared. PROM is still a tight group who enjoys investigating the paranormal, under the leadership of Dave Schindler. We are a group of adults who enjoy "ghost hunting" on an informal basis...yet we do this in a professional way.

Is it Spring, yet???
Weather is beginning to warm up a bit, and we're looking forward to some "cemetery crawls" and outdoor investigations.‚Äč
C'mon warm weather !!!!  As soon as Spring gets here we're planning another investigation to Gettysburg Battlefield. Can't wait.....
Investigation at the MOOSE Lodge #1228 was kinda lame. Not a lot of activity, and folks who stayed were making noise while we were trying to record.