Eastern State Penitentiary
The Eastern State Penitentiary, just outside of Philadelphia, PA, was home to the likes of Al Capone, and other hardened criminals. There is a large amount of "spirit activity" within the building. Note the Gargoyles on the upper corners of the entrance.....these are displayed for a short time, every year at Halloween time.
Al Capones' cell. Notice the fine furniture and decorations, all because Capone had his way with the guards.
One of the corner Guard Towers, notice the small, white cat in the doorway to the left. An artist made these many porcelain cats and placed them throughout the facility.
Need a haircut or a tooth pulled?  One stall does it all !   Or this chair can be used to restrain unruly inmates.
One of the cell-blocks, many of which are dilapidated, due to neglect over many years.
One of the cells in the worst shape. The effects of time, weather, and a weak roof.