P.R.O.M. group by one of the cannons.
This picture was captured by Ernie before he joined P.R.O.M. There was no one in front of him when he took the shot.  But there she is, walking by. A woman in period dress, with bonnet and shawl.
This picture was taken at Spanglers Spring.  Notice the small tree just back and to the right of the large tree....what is that red 'aura' surrounding the tree?
This is a picture, taken by Ali, in the Jennie Wade House, of a display case with glass front. A reflection on the center door shows Ali taking the picture, there were two windows behind him causing a silhouette
of Ali. He said he was the only one in the room. Who is the silhouette reflected in the right side of the picture? Ali is 5'7", Jenny wade was around 5' 3". Could that shadow be her? The proportions are correct.  Cool capture!!! ‚Äč