Not the site's real name but it was farmland in Woodbine, MD
Notice the "black mist" in the upper right of the top 3 pictures. During this "event", Ernie was recording extreme drops in temperature at / above where Diane was sitting. The 3 bottom pictures were taken immediately after the top ones, and shows that the "mist" had vanished, and the temps were back to normal.
We were setting up in the bedroom of the owner's daughter, when Lorena, one of our newest members, pulls out her camera and turns it on(?).
Might she have accidentally hit the shutter?
But look what she caught!!! Between Kim (guy with shoulder bag) and Diane (you see part of her arm)
there is an eerie right arm/hand reaching for the top drawer of the chest in the closet!!! Wow!​​​
On Saturday, August 1st, 3 members of the team responded back to Woodbine, to do a follow up.
The initial investigation had too many people there, and all audio recordings were contaminated.
Penny, Mylinda, and Dave went back there, and it was an amazing night. Sandy (the property owner) has the gift of being somewhat of a medium, and as we conversed with her, spirits were answering our questions, THROUGH her! Because of limited space here, the spirit identified him / them as Choctaw
peoples, who were killed on the property in a large battle....NOT with the white man. Possible an attack by the Iroquois, or Algonquin.  The one spirit told us he was buried UNDER where Sandy's house was standing, and that others were buried throughout the property.  We asked the spirits if we could perform a ceremony to re-consecrate the land, and if that would satisfy them, to leave Sandy alone.....they responded 'yes'.  On Sunday, August 16th, we are going to conduct a "medicine wheel" ceremony to put these spirits to rest. Details / photos to follow......